This simple but effective motif is on top all over this fall / winter 2017 season. Use and abuse polka dots on one condition – stick to black & white colors. You want to look soft and elegant. Therefore, try to choose light fabrics as silk, light cotton blends etc. Heavy jackets, coats or shoes might look cheap… Please see the set I made and inspire yourselves to make your own, similar ones. The gourmets presented in my set are just examples.

PENCIL SKIRT – # color: black & white or white & black polka dots, # style: slightly narrower hemline, invisible zipper and slit at the back, # length: just below the knee, # fabric: light cotton blend with little or no stretch.

OVER THE KNEE BOOTS – # color: black, # length: just OVER THE KNEE, # heel: 100% up to you – stilettos, chunky, kitty or coma heels; I strongly recommend 3’/8cm hight – they do not only look fabulous but are also very comfortable.

SHIRT – # color: black & white or white & black polka dots, # fabric: silk or similar fabric – light and soft, not heavy and thick like in case of cotton etc.

HANDBAG – # style: handbag / shoulder bag # size: medium, # color: black or if you are brave enough you can choose the polka dots motif bag.

UNDERWEAR – # dotted stockings – even though no one will see them we will feel flirty and cute 🙂 # dotted lingerie set.

Accomplish your outfit with: long eyelashes, small polka dots gadget, e.g. key ring or phone case. I do not recommend any polka dots jewelry, belts or hair accessories – cheap, cheap, cheap !!!

photos – Masterpiece Pencil Skirt